Perfect Days

Roisin's Perfect Day in Barcelona ...

My perfect day in Barcelona is perfectly simple. It consists solely of wandering around, stopping only to eat and drink. I’ve lived in Barcelona for 8 months now after moving here in [...]

Day to Day

Interview for Barcelona Metropolitan ...

I was recently interviewed by Barcelona Metropolitan (the May issue) about this blog and Barcelona blogging in general. I was one of a number of Barcelona bloggers so they only used a s [...]

Food & Drink

Eat Guides: Barcelona ...

I'm not normally one for travel guides. Especially city guides that have to accommodate a persons every whim. They are really things that should be consumed beforehand and reduced to a [...]

Out & About

Barcelona’s Main City Park: Parc de la Ciutadella ...

Barcelona has quite a few parks scattered around the city, some less known waiting to be discovered, and some more popular where some days it seems that all people of the city gather. O [...]
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