Perfect Days

Michelle's Perfect Day in Barcelona (with oil) ...

"As my dogs, Hipopótamo and Pingüina, scratch and nuzzle to awaken me from my deep slumber, I start to feel the warm, Spanish sun on my face. I should have closed the persianas last n [...]

Day to Day

BCN Type ...

From the hand of German born, but Spanish influenced, Simón Prades, comes BCN Type. Grungy, futuristic lettering inspired by Barcelona's famous grid system. [...]

Food & Drink

We Pop! American Barbecue in Barcelona ...

We Pop is a new pop-up restaurant in Barcelona. During March 2013, We Pop is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 9pm-midnight as well as Sundays from noon-5pm. For 20 [...]

Out & About

A Miniature Look at the Catalan Province of Girona ...

There are some fantastic young film-makers out there. But Pau García Laita is one of my favourites. I can watch his tilt-shift short films again and again and I always see something ne [...]
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