Perfect Days

Renée's Perfect Day in El Born ...

Choosing a neighborhood in Barcelona wasn’t easy at first. I was moving on after years of living in Madrid, what many call the most genuine Spanish city out there, and I had been warn [...]

Day to Day

Spain: A Parent's Paradise? ...

Australian-born, Barcelona resident, Brett Hetherington has kindly shared a chapter from his new book, "The ReMade Parent: Why We Are Losing Our Children & How We Can Get Them Back". Ch [...]

Food & Drink

We Pop! American Barbecue in Barcelona ...

We Pop is a new pop-up restaurant in Barcelona. During March 2013, We Pop is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 9pm-midnight as well as Sundays from noon-5pm. For 20 [...]

Out & About

What to Visit in Barcelona (or not) ...

So, the guys at OK Apartment have spent what looks like a great deal of time and effort in surveying 1,454 people from 15 different nations to find out what attracts people to Barcelona [...]
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