Perfect Days

Andre's Perfect Foodie Day in Barcelona ...

An unusual calmness reigns at El Prat Airport at midnight. A few people staring at you make you understand that you should leave the premises soon so everyone can make it back home to e [...]

Day to Day

Barcelona Instagram ShoutOut Challenge (June ...

Homage to BCN is going to be joining with the Instagram challenge below. I hope to see some other Barcelona Instagrammers joining in too! Every day for one week, we challenge you to rep [...]

Food & Drink

Picnic Deli in Poblenou ...

I must say I don't get over to Poblennou that much. But when I do it's usually because I visit one of the beaches that separate this up and coming barrio from the sea. And tucked just b [...]

Out & About

Barcelona Boat Trips with Captain Noah ...

There's nothing quite like being out on the open sea. You get a very different perspective of the city from the Med. And thanks to Noah from BCN Boat that's exactly what I was able to d [...]
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