Perfect Days

Chris's Perfect Day at Bunkers del Carmel ...

This month will be a celebration of the 5th month since I moved to Barcelona. I decided to move here so my girlfriend could study at her university at UPF and I had been looking for wor [...]

Day to Day

Suspension Training in Barcelona with Jamie Luke ...

20% of gym memberships purchased in January are cancelled within the first 3 months. This rises to 60% within the first 6 months. I completely made that up. But if I'd researched it pro [...]

Food & Drink

Manolete Barcelona: Tapeo Relajao ...

Located slap-bang next to Port Vell underneath the beautiful arches that line parts of Passeig d'Isabel II, Manolete is a charming little restaurant serving some equally charming tapas. [...]

Out & About

Día de Brasil Barcelona 2015 ...

I love Brazil! I love the music, the dancing, the beaches and of course the cocktails. But it's a bit of a trek. Luckily Brazil comes to Barcelona each year for a day of pretty much all [...]
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