Perfect Days

Charlotte's Perfect Day in Barcelona ...

My perfect day in Barcelona, assuming it’s a weekend, as I am lucky in that I love my job, inevitably begins with an early morning wake-up call from my apricot Shar Pei, Coco, whose m [...]

Day to Day

Barcelona Instagram ShoutOut Challenge (June ...

Homage to BCN is going to be joining with the Instagram challenge below. I hope to see some other Barcelona Instagrammers joining in too! Every day for one week, we challenge you to rep [...]

Food & Drink

Barcelona Tapas Tour from the Food Lovers Company ...

I’m always up for getting out and about in Barcelona. And when it involves good food and wine I’m all the happier. Free food and wine and you just have to say the word. So I was ove [...]

Out & About

Fun, surreal, and highly addictive. Getting hooked ...

An old wooden door adorned with a fresco of graffiti on a dark, narrow street in the Born doesn’t look like the obvious place for an addiction to begin. Or at least not the kind you'd [...]
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