Perfect Days

Cristina's Perfect Day in Barcelona ...

"Three years ago I left Barcelona, my hometown, to start a new adventure with my family in Stockholm - a welcoming, beautiful and amazing city! However, my genes are Mediterranean, I ca [...]

Day to Day

The Catalan Question: Europe and the Right to Ch ...

I came across this video from the Euranet Plus news agency. Presented by Brian Maguire it discusses Europe's failure to address the right to self-determination of separatist regions. [...]

Food & Drink

Cooking paella (and getting a little tipsy) with Barcel ...

The slow movement, ironically, continues apace since its roots in the mid-80s and the founding of the Slow Food organisation whose ideals advocate slowing down life's pace and fighting [...]

Out & About

Foto Ruta Barcelona Photography Tour ...

Foto Ruta was born in Buenos Aires. It grew up in Santiago and now, fully grown it has ventured across the pond to both London and finally Barcelona. I was kindly invited to go on their [...]
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