Perfect Days

Renée's Perfect Day in El Born ...

Choosing a neighborhood in Barcelona wasn’t easy at first. I was moving on after years of living in Madrid, what many call the most genuine Spanish city out there, and I had been warn [...]

Day to Day

A Few Things You Need To Know Before Moving To B ...

If you are considering relocating to Barcelona there are some things you need to consider first. Sometimes the motivation to start a new life and the attractiveness of the place where w [...]

Food & Drink

The 5 Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Barcelona ...

Whether you’re among the increasing number of people with celiac disease or food allergies or simply prefer to avoid gluten or other allergens for health reasons, finding good restaur [...]

Out & About

What to Visit in Barcelona (or not) ...

So, the guys at OK Apartment have spent what looks like a great deal of time and effort in surveying 1,454 people from 15 different nations to find out what attracts people to Barcelona [...]
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